DJ Services

Dj Services for every age group and every occasion - parties, weddings, events, and celebrations - whether indoors or out.



Music can make a party. It focuses the attendees on being entertained. Sounds Terrific can economically add music to your graduation, celebration, anniversary, or seasonal party with customized music mixes and lighting to create a party that won't be forgotten. 



Sounds Terrific can do everything for your wedding - introductions, specialty dances, cake cutting or high energy dancing. Makes no difference whether you want Top-40, Motown, Country, Rock, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Hip-Hop or a combination, we can mix the right tunes  to create wedding music that turns passive listeners into active party participants. 


Charity & Fundraising Events

Music sets the mood and participants in a good mood are supportive and open to your appeals. Sounds Terrific can will set the mood at your next fundraiser or charitable event in a way that will be remembered.


Corporate Events

Muisc is motivation. Sounds Terrific can spin up the motivation for your company or department in a way that will set the tone for recognition events, sales events, or other corporate or company parties.


Holiday Events

There isn't a holiday that music can't expand.  Christmas, New Year's, May Day, Mother's Day, Family Day - you name and Sounds Terrific can make the music that goes with it.

For more information about our DJ Services for parties and events please contact us.