It started in his dad’s  basement  in 1983.

Scott Pattison always loved music – all kinds of music.  Using money earned on his newspaper delivlery route, Scott bought his first sound system and began collecting music in earnest. It was just a hobby but little by little, friends began engaging him for house parties and local events. It seemed he had a good knack for matching music to the mood of a party, an audience, or attendees at an event.

From Dishwasher to DJ

Scott’s “breakthrough” came while employed as a dishwasher at the popular O’tooles Roadhouse in Toronto. There, he met Brian Fruitman, the owner of Music Master DJ Services – a company that provided DJ services to clubs and events throughout the GTA.  His big break came the day Brian asked if he could substitute for one of their DJs who called in sick. Scott reluctantly agreed.

A popular DJ at clubs and events everywhere

Scott wowed the Roadhouse patrons that night and Brian, too.  That was the beginning of regular DJ gigs for Music Master at clubs, events, parties and celebrations throughout the GTA and cottage country.  Scott became a sought after resource for managing music at downtown and suburban bars, pubs, halls, hotels, social clubs, weddings, charity events, temples, golf courses and cruises.

Experience and Audio Expert

Scott continued to develop his audiophile expertise and to expand his music collections. In addition, Scott has been an advocate for the DJ industry to ensure quality DJ services by certification of would-be DJ’s.  Scott is an active member in good standing  of the Canadian DJ Association.